Firewall Configuration Service – Basic

OPTION is specialized in Firewall deployment and we help our customer to setup firewall for basic use to protect customer network from Internet threats. Our Firewall Configuration Service – Basic, includes the following configuration tasks,

Deployment scenario

New firewall or replace existing firewall

Office or non-office hour deployment

Security Zones

Configuration of up to 3 security zones, using Internet, LAN and/or DMZ/Wifi Guest zones

IP Routing

Configure static IP routing

DHCP Server

Configure the firewall as DHCP server for LAN and/or DMZ/Wifi Guest zones

Network Address Translation(NAT)

Configure one-to-many outbound NAT

Configure up to 3 one-to-one NAT for inbound server access, such as Web server, email server

Access Policies

Configure up to 15 firewall access policies between security zones

We also provide advance configuration service if the above scope cannot cover your configuration needs. Please contact us for more details.